Supply chain costs have steadily increased over time despite concerted efforts by many manufacturing, logistics and transportation companies to hold the line. Optimizing the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process to improve customer experience and control costs has not been easy. Supply chain applications have continued to be managed in silos, which more often still require significant manual intervention, creating business and systematic gaps. Understanding these inconsistencies, failures, and associated costs can be an eye-opener for many manufacturers.
It has become imperative to give management access to more reliable, accurate, and timely information to equip them with more actionable insight and opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Old world Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) do not hold up. The new world of POI equates to good quality, accurate, timely, and actionable insights to increase profits.
Organizations need a better way of addressing data quality and improving performance measurement. Through its partnership with Informatica, Paradigm Technology offers a solution to inefficiencies and consequential business costs. Master Data Management, IDQ, and Axon combine to deliver S&OP processes a more reliable and thorough understanding of their information – Perfect Order Index (POI).

POI Overview

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