Transformation can have a dramatic impact on business processes, technology, and operations. Paradigm’s Business Transformation practice blends business and technology experience to guide our clients through the changes required. We leverage proven methods in Business and Information Technology (IT) Transformation and use our core Project Leadership capabilities to deliver and optimize business outcomes.

Business Transformation

Business transformation focuses on how the business interacts with technologies and the elements required to successfully drive change. We help our clients become more efficient and effective by dissecting their business strategy into capabilities, processes, and investments that can be optimized. Our robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities allow customers to use our proven methods to expedite their journey towards intelligent automation and ultimately artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

IT Transformation

Business and IT environmens evolve through acquisitions, growth, and mergers and become increasingly complex over the years as your business evolves. Today it is more important than ever to simplify the environment and have a target operating model and IT operation that positions you for growth, compliance, and efficiency. Eliminating tecnical debt, reducing risk, enhancing information security, increasing efficiency, and reducing expenses are merely a few of the benefits that simplification will yield as you prepare for the cloud.

Project Leadership

Project leadership is at the core of what and who we are. Our approach to project leadership consulting involves looking at the entire PMO ecosystem and providing our customers with insight and guidance end to end. Our team has over 20 years of large-scale executive leadership experience and a proven track record for delivering quantifiable results in operational excellence and areas such as enterprise PMO strategy, agile transformation, investment decisioning processes, governance, and metrics for Fortune 500 companies. Our program management as a service (PMaaS) provides customers with the ability to quickly and effectively address demand, operate under control, and expedite their eagenda.



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