Innovation and transformation are essential to business success, but neither takes place overnight. Adding new applications and capabilities, moving to more effective solutions and technologies, and changing internal processes require time, focus, and dedicated leadership to be successful.  However, most businesses have more projects that need to be executed than they do resources to manage them.

Updating the project plan

Paradigm's approach extends outside our own walls to put our expertise and experience to work for our clients.

We provide highly skilled, experienced project managers and onsite leadership tailored to your specific needs. We walk side-by-side with you to achieve your desired business results and enhance the effectiveness of your IT investments.


Initiatives that surge the needle in revenue or deliver significant cost savings do not exist in a vacuum. They are the result of a strategic plan that aligns to your overall business goals. Projects, themselves, require strategic insights in order to ensure that they deliver maximum value. Paradigm's strategic project consultants have the experience and expertise needed to see the big picture and ensure alignment between your project's tactical goals and the strategies to achieve them.

Project Portfolio Management

Few businesses have the luxury of dedicating multiple resources and manpower to an individual project. Nevertheless, most businesses have multiple projects underway at any given time. Paradigm project portfolio management professionals ensure that resources are distributed efficiently and effectively to achieve success for all projects in a business’s portfolio.

Operational Administration

Optimized operations management requires stringent coordination of people, systems, and processes to meet organizational goals and customer requirements. Paradigm provides experienced Project Management resources to a diverse set of clients. Our associates support more than 15 industries and over 15 certification types. We support all phases of operations, from early project assessments and business case analyses to enterprise risk management and project delivery.

Governance & Risk

All projects entail some risk. The role of governance and risk management is to define accountability for and provide visibility to the state of those risks. Paradigm governance and risk managers provide this through the development of clear project roadmaps that are subject to frequent monitoring, review, and reporting.

Workforce Management

Ensuring that valuable resources are working to their full potentials requires the ability to recognize capabilities and optimally match them to a suited task. Paradigm's workforce management professionals work to ensure best-fit matches between available resources and project requirements in order to maximize their productivity and value. Contact us to learn more about our project leadership consulting, and our other services including information management services.

Paradigm Program and Project Managers have brought an 18% increase in PMO productivity to a major power utility.