Business networks and infrastructures are changing almost as rapidly as the technologies that comprise them. If your IT infrastructure is nimble and responsive, then your business will be too. However, legacy infrastructure, aging applications, and underprovisioned networks can hold back business agility and, by extension, growth, and innovation.

network engineer working in server room

As a leading consultant, Paradigm focuses on transforming enterprise processes and technologies end-to-end, including the network and underlying infrastructure.

We help ensure that your business gains the full benefit of leading edge IT infrastructure and solutions.


As data becomes increasingly valuable, infrastructure must respond accordingly. Paradigm's approach to infrastructure ensures optimum support for complex analytics. Our data-centric design methodology will help your organization capture the largest volume and variety of data, efficiently locate data and applications, and enable you to make better business decisions faster.

Data Center

The rise of the Internet of Things, social media, and similar technologies is driving rapid data growth. This, in turn, places unprecedented demands on your data center. To support that growth, your data center requires scalability. At the same time, your data must remain secure against various threats. Paradigm can prepare your data center to meet both scalability and security challenges by assessing your current infrastructure and identifying the most appropriate upgrades for expanded capacity and improved performance. We can also help your business with cloud and application deployment, contact us today!

Network Installation & Maintenance

Although networks play a critical role in ensuring a business's success, network installation and maintenance consume significant resources. Paradigm has the experience and knowledge needed to install and maintain your network at peak efficiency, freeing up your resources to focus on strategic initiatives.

Network Analysis

Ensuring that your network performs optimally, remains healthy and secure, and is available when needed requires continuous analysis. Paradigm's network engineering professionals apply network monitoring best practices and leading network analysis tools to keep your network in top condition.

Solutions We Support

Paradigm led a project to refresh nearly 2,000 legacy servers for a major health system, reducing the risk of fines from government agencies.