Client Profile

  • Top 5 international banking and financial services holding company
  • $25B+ in revenue
  • 70M customers worldwide

Business Needs

  • Client creating Contact/Gold Master Record across their business units
  • Need solution with:
    • Ease of use for business analysts
    • Overall scalability
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Ability to easily apply business rules
    • Re-use of current connectors and other technologies
  • Client wanted to be able to map customer relationships to better segment customers and make additional compelling offers as well as cross-sell and up-sell


  • Client currently has ~40+ Source Systems that house over 10M contact records
    • Challenging to match contacts across multiple sources
  • Client has other locally built data systems and would like the option of utilizing solution system in the future
  • Sales staff experiencing potential 20% productivity loss due to fixing, finding, understanding data, not selling

Solution & Results

  • Paradigm’s team of highly qualified MDM experts and architects are:
    • Delivering Informatica Contact Master across systems including Dynamics and others
    • Installing and deploying Informatica MDM in Production
  • Potential Results:
    • $7.8M in productivity improvement because sales staff able to focus on selling, not digging for data
    • $4.437M Savings around annual cost in hardware, software, maintenance and IT operations
    • $3-27M New Annual Revenue; $798,600-$7.2M in Annual Profit if new products launched to Gold Master Record customers