Global Aerospace Manufacturer Sees 90% Increase in Speed and Accuracy of Reports

Client Profile

  • $40.3 billion revenue
  • 127,000+ employees worldwide
  • Serves more than 70 countries


  • Corporate leadership required data and metrics that reflected actual, real-time information in order to better predict, plan and execute business strategies
  • Measure/monitor business performance in real time
  • Ability to stay in step with 2020 analytics & vendor roadmap

Business Needs

  • Numerous disparate systems and antiquated methods/processes for capturing and analyzing financial data
  • Existing solution was slow, outdated, and used point-in-time methods
  • System created challenges when it came to end-of-month/quarter/year financial reporting

Solution & Results

  • Improved speed and accuracy of end-of-month/quarter/year reporting by 90%
  • Accelerated read time from days to seconds an increase of 300%
  • Delivered and migrated to an IBM SAP/HANA multi-node, multi-terabyte solution across two main datacenters
  • Batch to event-based processing allowed for quicker/safer month-end activities and ability to soft close. Increased overall efficiency by 75%